Data Backups

IT backup services are not a luxury — they are an critical for your business continuity

Data loss from hardware failure or human error can significantly impact your business for hours if not days. Do you have the necessary resources to recover this information in place? Are you sure? Have your backups been tested?

Here are a few reasons data backups are so important:

  • dallas fort worth it servicesA large majority of business that go through an event where they encounter a major loss of data are eventually forced to close their doors within a few weeks or months.
  • dallas fort worth it servicesCompanies who do not have a disaster plan in place typically do not survive this type of a disaster.
  • dallas fort worth it servicesMost companies who lose this type of information never recover.

CPTech provides understands that most disastrous events are unavoidable which is why we take precautions to backup your data, test your backups and ensure your business that in an unfortunate situation, we can get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.