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Network Security Services for Dallas/Fort Worth

CPTech’s Managed Security Services includes the monitoring and prevention of security issues before they happen. We monitor and prevent viruses, trojans, and hackers from disrupting your productivity and revenue. Our proactive approach allows you to carry on with business while our team updates security patches, monitors intrusions and reported issues and eliminates costly downtime issues for you.

We provide a wide range of security services to protect your entire network, safeguarding critical data, assets and information on users and customers. We work with with several clients regarding GLBA, PCI, SOX and HIPAA compliance requirements. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your network is secure 24/7/365.

Our approach as a managed service provider in dallas for small and medium sized businesses is to

Manage. Protect. Maintain.

We are the most knowledgeable, cost-effective, and comprehensive IT solutions in North Texas.

Managed IT Consulting and Support

IT infrastructure components we manage


These are the software programs that run your business - applications (apps) on your mobile devices and computers are responsible for daily activities . Email, spreadsheets, CRMs, and file storage are just a few of the apps that we rely on.


Your company network is the connection between yoru employees and your company. Whether the connection is a cable or wireless connection, your IT network is vital for company communication.


The physical devices that run your business. These devices can include but are not limited to: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, data centers, printers and routers.


We're serious about cybersecurity! Part of our approach to secuirity is traiing in our Employee Security Training program. The first line of defense starts with your employees! Click here to learn more about our cybersecurity training now!

Database Backups

Your database stores everything about your business from client information, to communications. You need professional support to manage your database systems.

Web Sites

Your web site is your most important digital marketing asset. With the constant security updates to platform versions, plug-ins and databases it's easy to have your site malfunction if you're not performing regular updates. Contact us about web site updates, web site reviews, SEO or a complete web site redesign.